One Piece has always revealed who would end Blackbeard

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One Piece has become quite popular for two things: the length of the series and the many theories it has spawned over the years. Fans have built a hobby out of theorizing the many plots and subplots that author Eiichiro Oda has crafted over the years. The potential theory of who would defeat Blackbeard is perhaps one of the most interesting theories from the series.

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In reality, most One Piece fans have always believed that Luffy is going to defeat Blackbeard since it was the latter who captured his brother Ace which eventually led to his death. However, Oda has already set up another angle that could be quite interesting, especially considering the character of Koby and how he has been in the series since the very beginning.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the One Piece series.

Explaining how Koby could be the one to defeat Blackbeard in One Piece

One Piece author Eiichiro Oda has often taken inspiration from history, especially regarding pirates, to write this series and make some metaphors. This is why his series’ Blackbeard emulating the real-life one when it comes to their demise could be quite interesting. Especially considering that the real-life Blackbeard was defeated by someone from the Navy who was in a very similar position to Koby.

There was already a bit of setup in the manga about the connection between these two characters, especially considering how Blackbeard kidnapped Koby and that led to Garp’s wrath as well. This situation allowed the building of a connection and somewhat of a rivalry between these two characters, which could potentially be resolved further down the line.

This doesn’t mean that Koby is going to defeat Blackbeard in a one-on-one battle because the power scale is nowhere near able to suggest this. However, that situation could play out if several characters decide to jump on Teach at the same time. Koby could be the one to give the decisive blow, thus drawing some inspiration from the events that took place in the real-life Blackbeard’s history and his demise.

Koby’s role in the series

Koby is an interesting character to analyze in the One Piece franchise because he has been there from the very beginning. Additionally, his rise within the ranks of the Navy mirrors Luffy’s growth in the pirate world. There is an argument to be made that both characters are going to reach the very top of their respective roles and this will eventually lead to a confrontation between the two of them, even if it comes from a place of friendship.

A lot of fans have theorized that both Luffy and Koby are supposed to represent the roles Garp and Roger had in the previous generation. The two of them are supposedly going to the very top and developing a rivalry of sorts. This is shown by the comparisons made between Luffy and Roger and Koby and Garp, especially with the latter playing a mentor’s role.

However, it is soon to say what is going to happen to Koby in the series’ future, although is clear that Oda has a special plan in store for him.

Final thoughts

There is no certainty about Koby being the one who will defeat Blackbeard, although there are some hints that could be the case. Regardless, most One Piece fans expect that the resolution regarding Blackbeard’s character will be satisfying enough and live up to his hype as an antagonist.